Where can I buy your products?


We are 100% online! 
Otherwise, there is a variety of stockists across the country and globe that stock our range, check out our Instagram to keep up to date with the current stockists.


Can I take more than one extract at a time?


Absolutely! Our compiled research suggests many benefits to taking them all together however, always best to consult your health care provider if you have any concerns or questions.


Magic Mushrooms!?


The Drugs Misuse Act 1986 is still the current legislation that we would be charged under if we were to involve ourselves in any way shape or form in illegal drugs - the majority of these elements that we might be charged under if we had anything to do with Psilocybin can carry a maximum life sentence in prison.
Please do not contact us regarding magic mushrooms and yes we do get asked a lot, hence this question in our FAQ!


Do you wholesale your products?


YES! Check out our Wholesale Page or send us an e-mail.


Since your mushrooms grow in coffee grounds, do they taste like coffee?


Believe it or not we get asked this question lots! No, they don't taste like coffee. The coffee just provides a nutrient dense source of food for the mushrooms to consume and grow.


What mushroom varieties do you grow?


Pearl (White) Oyster
Turkey Tail
Lions Mane
These are our Australian Grown range, all endemic to Australia and grown, extracted, and bottled right here in our facility located on our farm. 
We can supply a variety of other Medicinal Mushrooms however they are not grown by us due to the restraints on non-endemic varieties which pose potential environmental threats, hence why we source 100% Organic Certified from our USA suppliers. 


Are the mushrooms organically grown?


Yes! Whilst we aren't certified organic (we're in the process) we use a complete bio-dynamic, ethical and chemical free stance on all aspects of our business.


Do the medicinal extracts contain alcohol?


We use both alcohol and water based methods to extract all the beneficial compounds we can for you. Some compounds are not able to be extracted by water based methods alone so we utilise food grade alcohol in our process.
As a result there is a residual amount of alcohol in the extracts we produce however not enough to register on any BAC readings after the recommended dosage.


What are the differences between using mycelium and the fruiting body for medicinal extracts?


There is a lot of ongoing research into all areas of the health benefits of mushroom extracts - some of which is looking into the differences between mycelium and the mushroom (fruiting body).
While we acknowledge there may be some different compounds within the mycelium (white fibre-like cells that act in a similar way to the roots of a tree in the very early development stages of the fungi); we are convinced that these pale into insignificance compared to the fully developed mushroom fruit body.
We offer both varieties of products to cater for all customers. Please conduct your own research on which products would be best suited to you and always consult your physician.


Can I visit the farm?


Soon! At the moment is it a bio-security risk to our facility and produce. We're currently upgrading and expanding and plan on offering tours and education in the near future. Stay in touch and keep up to date with us on Instagram.


I have a question!


Super! Fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.